Underwater photo of sea star traversing eelgrass bed

Eel Grass: Amazing Meadows of the Sea

| Join Nikki Wright, Executive Director of the SeaChange Marine ConservationSociety , and Dianne Sanford, who will share some knowledge about thisbeautiful marine plant that was once related to land plants. We will share ourlove of this magical seagrass with stories and photos, and highlight some of therestoration work being done…
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Photo of participants in the Roberts Creek spawning count

What are Streamkeepers?

| Meet Shirley Samples, Director of the SC Streamkeepers Society. “If you’ve been wondering what streamkeepers are, here is your chance to find out how we protect and rehabilitate wild salmon. There are so many interesting and fun ways to join us as we steward our most valuable gifts – wild salmon and…
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Photo of beloved killer whale killed in 2016

Southern Resident Killer Whales

| Southern Resident Killer Whales are endangered. They struggle to find enough food to eat and are vulnerable to contaminants. Noise pollution and disruption from boats interfere with their hunt for prey. The 2021 Management Measures have been put in place to reduce disturbance from boats and to protect Chinook Salmon,…
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